Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spooky ... Creepy .... Scary !!!

First and foremost - THANK YOU so much for all the voting you guys did - now if you could just do it again every day for the next two weeks that would be great! :0) 
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Besides Micheal Buble fever - It is not lost on this mom that Halloween is right around the corner and...
 It is usually around this time that I am gathering my ideas for a spooky October...BUT
This family will not be here for Halloween {insert Hallelujah singing} as we will be swimming in the oceans of Hawaii! With that said, I still love seeing the ideas that are out there for Halloween! I thought I would compile a list of the fun things we have done the past few years, especially because we will be repeating some of them! Why not? Hopefully,  this will help jump-start your Halloween Holiday fun! Here's to hoping!

Chocolate Ghosts

Scarecrow Cookies

Halloween candy bars!

Our favorite Night - The Halloween Dinner

Caramel Chocolate candy apples

 Just click on the link above each picture and it should take you to that post!   
 I love all of these ideas and there are many many more - I will see how great I am at posting some Halloween tricks and treats we will be trying out this year!  Does anyone have any great ones to share - come on - spread the knowledge! I would love to copy!



MONICA said...

woooow it's fantastic post,congratulation!

Rach said...

I have a great one, but you will have to wait til i post it.