Friday, May 18, 2012

I have beautiful friends!

Seriously...I am totally for the first time in what?... four years....neglecting this blog of mine - I am too busy now it seems with Facebook and Instagram - those stinkin rotten time suckers! But, I have to post about this amazing day! Cara and I were to meet at her house for lunch...and instead I was surprised by some great group of girlfriends for a birthday luncheon! It's pretty funny for someone that HATES surprises I sure fall for them every time! We had such a nice lunch and it was so sweet that Cara had all of us over to be able to sit quietly and enjoy each other - I feel like we all get so disconnected because of our busy lives! It was nice to just sit and eat and laugh and talk...I wish that could happen more often! 
Thanks cute friends for such an 
awesome pre-emptive birthday celebration

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tammy said...

I think we've all gotten too busy to blog lately! Looks like a fun and yummy time.