Monday, May 7, 2012

Ragnar 2012!

I was going about my day to day life...when the call came from my sister to see if  I could be a sub for one of the runners that were signed up for the Ragnar! {For those who don't know about the Ragnar - it is running over 200 miles from Huntington Beach to Coronado all while living, sleeping and eating in a van. Each person runs three legs of the journey - like a relay race!} Sound fun? Well, being the cocky girl that I am  - having  just ran a half marathon, thrown away my running shoes for new ones, and not having run since the half - I said YES!!!
Plus, I fell in love with the Team name - MOVES LIKE JOGGER!
But seriously, What was I thinking? I had no clue, 
in hindsight it was a blessing! 
My sister told me that I would only have to run about 5 - 6 miles each leg - which again I thought "That's not too bad!" 
Only later to realize that I would run 5.2 miles, and than 9.6 miles and end with 7.3 miles. Yes a total of 21 miles...all in my new never broken into new shoes!!! Awesome! I am not recounting this story to toot my horn in any way, shape or form....but it is important to be noted that I did it regardless!
 And I LOVED every minute of it! 
I laughed so hard after my first leg was over as I told my team that the back of my shirt should have said, "Awww cute...she's running the Ragnar!"  I was more the slow and steady type runner as everyone was passing me on what seemed to be rollerblades, they were going so fast!
And I can't forget the blisters - oh yeah...there were fact they got so big and bad that by the final leg of the run I had to have the first aid station super glue them together and throw on some duct tape so the skin would stay intact! But, I can't complain - it was such a great experience...and of course I have the pictures to prove it!
 Our trusty van

 The awesome restrooms!

 One last stretch before the run!

 Go Jamie - she was the first runner!

 Sooo many hilarious vans!

 Sooo many crazy people!

 Sisters Michelle and Rachel!

 At our midway point, we were awarded with Krispy Kremes! 
Just what you're hoping for after a long run!

My second run started around 4:30 in the morning so I had my head lamp and reflective vest!

 I made Jogger Balls for our team to munch on!

 The whole crazy group!

Nothing like doing something so fun with one of your great friends!


Elizabeth said...

I sooo wish I could have done it too, so glad you had fun and hope your blisters are getting better! :) love you!

erika said...

Heather you are amazing!!!! Looks like so much fun. I would only run the Ragnar if I could do it with you!!

erika said...
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Princess Sarah said...

Ur amazing!!!

tammy said...

I am in awe of people that do this. My SIL has run the one in UT a couple of times. It makes me wish I liked running!

Hazen5 said...

YOU are still the MVP of our team!