Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

 My mom gave birth to twins back in 1971 - they were the biggest on record this side of the Mississippi - namely my sister and myself. I have heard the horror stories of my dad being in dental school and my mom being huge and unable to move...he would prop her up on the couch, turn on the television and take off for school. There were no remote controls back than and no way of fast forwarding through commercials [gasp} and there she would lie until my dad could come home to either change the channel or move her to a different position....can you imagine the scene? No wonder she went into the ugly cry when she realized 10 years later that she would be having another set of twins all over again.

My mom is amazing -She could have gone on to do great things with her life - she was the valedictorian of her college at BYU - smart girl - Instead of pursuing a career, she married a cute kid from Delta, Utah and became a  mom of five girls!
 I remember a beautifully kept home, Family home Evenings, sugar cookies, donuts and balloons delivered to us for our birthdays, sleepless nights as she made posters or handouts for one of us trying out for school office, surprise parties...I really felt like my mom could do it all...and I secretly wanted to be just like her someday!

I am so grateful to have been born into such a wonderful family - I was the girl that had boys who {unbeknownst to me} really liked me so that they could come over and talk to my mom or get a laugh from my dad. My friends always joked that my mom kept our house stalked like 7-11 and she was always up for finding out what we were doing and staying involved.

I love you so much mom and I hope you realize that you have raised us well...We all aspire to be like you and build the same lasting relationships with our own children as they grow...every time one of my girls rolls her eyes at me or says that I am out of touch...I laugh because I know the game all too well...secretly they think what I thought of you...they are lucky and will one day be just like their mother - that, after all, is the greatest compliment!!!

Love you mom!

Your Grandkids love you too!



diane riding said...

Yes my sweet beautiful daughter.......that is the greatest compliment, to want to be just like your mom!!! I know for sure that your four babies will one day want to be exactly like you. YOU are a wonderful mom and I know they feel the great love you have for them. Thank you for making me feel so special today with this precious birthday tribute!! I love you for your thoughtfulness and can't begin to tell you how this touched me!!! xoxoxoxoxo

dianeriding said... there some way we could make this into a video like the wonderful one you gave me for Mother's Day????? Talk to Bart and make it happen..........hahahhahaha!!!!

Marci said...

So cute! And I was laughing reading the description of her pregnant with you guys :-). I think you did turn out just like her!

Pyatt said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!! You are like my second mom and I love this post Heather did!! You are the greatest! Love you!

tammy said...

What a sweet post and tribute to your mom! Wow, the story of her being propped on the couch - poor thing! I think you have an amazing family and I only know them from afar.

Lisa said...

You're Mom is amazing and you have followed right in her footsteps :)