Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heading to Montana!

We are leaving today for Montana - the world's best vacation with kids!  I am in charge of the crafts {self-imposed} and decorations for when we drive down the Big Fork parade in the back of a truck! I CanNot WaiT!  This is the first year that we are actually going to join the parade - should be fun!

Anywho...I didn't have time for any fun tutorials on how to do this or that - but I can give you the credits and show some before and afters. That's all you care about anyway, right?

Look at how fun and easy it is to transform a white gift bag into an Uncle Sam hat!
I found this on FamilyFun website!

 For these little beauties, I just bought some wooden dowels and applied ribbon to them. I than decorated the medallions to the hilt with stickers, feathers, rhinestones galore! 
Those will be fun to wave at the parade!

There are going to be about 11 kids between our 4 families and so the girls and I are going to make up these little fireworks filled with candy! 
These are darling and super easy to make. 
Just go to Martha Stewart  to get the how-to and 
you can even download the template for free.

We fly out today but are going to spend one night in Spokane, Washington so I am also bringing the supplies to get our own personal pedicures in the hotel!
Aren't those toes cute?
I am pretty sure that I love this Holiday!


tammy said...

You are the crafting queen!!

MBlairsLars said...

Hope you have a great time. Happy 4th!

KelleyAnne said...

Love all your fun patriotic crafts. Can't wait to hear about your trip♥