Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ode to MONTANA!!!!

When I was going thru the photos I kept thinking There really are no words for this magical place! It is just amazing!

There was a lot of water the water was right in the backyard!

If you got tired of the water, you could always go out to the front yard and ride ATV's....
or feed horses....

or take your pictures in the yellow flower fields...

 The kids got to be a part of the Big Fork, Montana parade - thanks to Mr Michael Quinn!!!

We enjoyed the Fourth of July in all its splendor!
We loved our breakfasts at the Echo Lake Cafe!

Down time was filled with fishing, long walks, laughing until late at night, 
making homemade soap {thanks amy}
and making the best memories!

Until next time - Montana we love you!
And Quinn's, we love you for having us along!!!


Elizabeth said...

I can't stand how much fun that looks, and how fun for the kids! I wanna go :)

Mark and Meghan said...

beautiful pics head! looks like so much fun...can i come next year!!?? i'm sure gigi would just LOVE having me!! i promise....