Friday, June 17, 2011

6 year olds!!!

This big 6 year old of mine is growing up so fast and I love him to pieces!

Parker's long awaited Birthday party finally happened today and believe me he had been asking about it for weeks! He really wanted a Star Wars party and he loved bowling like last year, so we combined the two of them together and it went off just fine! 

I filled each one of the bowling pins with star wars treats and candy.
I also made these light sabers out of water noodles and duct tape. The Biggest hit at the party! the boys could have truly spent the whole time hitting wacking each other in the backyard!
{thanks Tally for the idea!}

See what I mean?
 Once the water noodle light sabers were put away we were off to the bowling alley!
The other big hit was the R2D2 cake I made. I went to the bakery and had them turn a picture of R2D2 I found online into a frosting sheet!
The boys were so excited to bite into it!

Love you Parker boy!


Tally said...

Great Job, Heather! Sorry I couldn't get you that R2 picture. I didn't save the file. Now get ready to have everything you own get destroyed by a swinging pool noodle lightsabre!

Mark and Meghan said...

i love those water noodle light sabers...that is stored away or better yet "pinned!" :) love you parker boy!

tammy said...

What a great idea! I want to make some light sabers now.