Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Day One!

I would say - Complete Success!
My kids look forward to this traditional start to Summer and they never cease to find more ways to cover themselves from head to toe! it is a BIG hUGE MeSs and they love every minute of it!
For those of you that think I am crazy or bonkers - maybe I am  - but I do set some rules - #1 They must stay in the borders of the big blue tarp on the grass - #2 No going inside until they have been sprayed by the hose [which is crazy freezing cold}!!! 
They follow the rules and Mom is happy to do it every Summer!
 This is their official invitation to get messy!

 Can you find a happier kid?
He kept saying "This is the best day ever!"
 Bailey wasn't to thrilled because the second she stepped onto the tarp, 
she got "creamed" in the mouth!

 I laughed at Parker's blue plate for dinner - one big fat cookie!

I really do love the days of Summer where my kids are around and we are off together  - instead of rushing to one sport or another, carpools and homework projects!
Now... I may think differently come August! :0)


Laura said...

So fun! You must've found a great sale on shaving cream! I'm kinda thinking whipped cream might be fun too.

Diane Riding said...

I've never seen such adorable laughing faces.......what a fun tradition to have each summer. Why didn't I think of that many years ago???????? I love the fun things you do with your kiddies.....and how you keep a record of them through your blog. Love you honey........x0x00x