Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love being busy doing this!

I think that I have always loved taking pictures of moments! Maybe it's because  my brain turns to mush half the time and I forget the details of things...but those things are important. I love capturing those pictures that you would otherwise forget about...the groom who is totally in love with his bride to be....the little boy who is about to be baptized and can hardly wait....the families and their little ones that squirm and can't quite sit still...those are the moments that are real and should never be forgotten. Wow - I sound like a hallmark card or a promo video for photographers...but,  I am okay with that! 

Pictures make us remember experiences and moments 
in life that we can't hold onto any other way!
I love love love being apart of it!


tammy said...

Such a fun talent you have.

Diane Riding said...

Amazing, beautiful job, honey!!! You truly do have such a talent for capturing those special moments.....and freezing them in time!!! What a gift you have!!!