Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strawberry marshmallow heart kabobs!

We had some of our little cousins over to play today while their mom and dad are gone to Hawaii - lucky ducks! These little guys sure had fun together playing on the Wii, watching Barbie movies on the I-pad and making yummy treats.  

This little snack could not be any easier!
I found those cute valentine heart-shaped marshmallows at the grocery store and knew just what to do with them. You grab some skewers {make sure to wet them down before adding the marshmallows or they will have a hard time sliding down.} and add a marshmallow and than stack it with alternating strawberries and marshmallows. When we were all done, we "glued" some eyeballs onto them with chocolate syrup and Parker said, "Anything my mom makes with these eyeballs are good!" It's that simple!  I couldn't even get a picture of them on the plate as they were being grabbed up so quickly!