Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooking Italian style!

I remember years ago when our family went to Europe, and one night we entered a restaurant to eat dinner. We waited for some time before anyone even approached us and we were not only hungry but in a hurry because there were so many more sights to see that we wanted to pack in. Well, I am sure, being Americans, we were looked at as being quite rude. People in Europe sit down to eat and have an experience with their meal. Americans sit down and shove it in quickly to move onto the next thing. So, with all this said, we were never served and finally left. We didn't understand why they wouldn't want to serve us and make some money.
Now I understand! Cara and I went to take a cooking class on making ravioli, fettucini, and pastas. We were taught by authentic legitimate Italian chefs who love and are passionate about what they are doing. They treated us like family and were so excited for us to learn their skills. They kept saying "This is all about making the food with love like Grandma used to make." They also talked about how the restaurant they had was not opened to generate lots of money but to feed people and help them have an authentic experience!
I loved every minute of being there and I wished that I could live many lives and one of them would be to understand the fine art of cooking like the Italians do.
Now...even after having such a great experience - don't be fooled into thinking that I might even try homemade pasta anytime soon - but the pesto and the sauces - those I can tackle. I have to start with small things. 
Like Chef Stefan said, "If you are really good at making eggs, than perfect upon that. make your eggs and than add different things to it. Become an expert on the egg!" I like that!

Doesn't the food look beautiful?...
oh and the smells were heavenly!

Chef Stefan made the pasta and then we got the hands on experience of turning it into ravioli and fettucini.

The finished product!


erika said...

HOW FUN! How did you hear about something like that? If you do it again I would love to join you.

tammy said...

Mmm...I love Italian food! I wish I could eat endless pasta without gaining a big butt in the process. My friend married an Italian, and his grandma flew over here to teach her how to make a proper Italian sauce. It's so yummy.

Julie B said...

That looks amazing! What a fun experience!

Princess Sarah said...

I am so jealous!! I would love to take a cooking class like that! How fun!! I can almost smell the yummy food through my screen! I want some pasta now!

Diane Riding said...

OK honey......WHEN are you going to cook an authentic Italian meal for all of us? That looks so delicious and appetizing!!! We're available anytime!!! :)