Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love notes and Krispy Kremes!

 My kids are great and yet I'd be lying if I said they are like the Von Trapp family! They like to fight with one another - not usually punching matches - but hurtful words, teasing and knowing just which buttons to push to get a "rise!" Well, somedays I reach my limit and than I start to lie to them and tell them that I NEVER fought with my sisters growing up and look at how close we all are - to which I am sure they are hearing 
"Blahdy blah blah blah!"

So, I decided for the next couple of weeks leading up to Valentines Day we were going to start using Love Journals! I went to Micheal's and bought the journals in the dollar section. I than came home and photoshopped their pictures onto some digital scrapbook paper, cut each one out and modpodged them onto the front! Such an easy DIY and super cute {If I say so....} Now they each have their own "Love note journal!"
 I wrote something special to each one of them on the front page and I told them that now it was up to them to write kind things to one another. I made it realistic and said that they only had to write about one person each day - but it couldn't be the same person two days in a row! following me on this one?  Soooo.....we'll see! I can't wait to see what Parker has me write for him...that kid comes up with the funniest stuff! It will be fun for them to look back on afterwards....and hopefully realize that the sibling they fight with actually loves them...a lot!!!

I surprised them in the morning with the cutest heart shaped donuts from Krispy's and their journals! I love this Holiday!

We also wrapped up donuts to give their teachers at school - Spreadin' the love is what we call it - it's sharing or I eat it and my big old self doesn't need any extra Krsipy's right now! :0)

{BTW - If you go buy a dozen Krispy Kreme heart donuts right now, than you get twelve free valentines to pass out or use on your kids to come back again for a free donut and hot coco! Now, that's what I'm talking about!!!}


tammy said...

Guess I know where I'll be heading today!

Pyatt said...

I love the journal idea!! That is so cute!

Marci said...

LOVE the journal idea!!!

Rach said...

I saw those heart shaped donuts the last time we went to KK and i was so excited to add them to my love day celebration. I won't get them til that morning though. yea for me! Great idea about the journals btw