Friday, February 4, 2011

Someone's about to get very LUCKY!

This came in the mail today and  even looking at the packing box they sent it in, got me really excited!
It's all about the presentation for me! I ordered these darling little labels from and they couldn't be any cuter! I can not wait to slap them on a cellophane bag 
with some type of baked goody inside!

You must check out Erin's website. She is living the dream, in my opinion. She was a stay home mom of twins and started making invitations and announcements for her friends when she realized that she could turn it into a business! Now, this lucky lady has her designs all over the place - even Target! 
Can you imagine?

Look at some of these darling labels - 

Tell me you don't want some right now?

Well, guess what? I emailed Erin and freaked out over the labels  and she is graciously letting one of you win your own set!  All you have to do is visit and than tell me which gift label is your favorite! If you post this giveaway on your blog or Facebook telling peeps to come on over than that will be an extra vote! {Just let me know when you do!} I will than draw a name and the winner will receive their own set of gift labels for free {a $25 credit}!

I will pick a winner by next Tuesday, so go now and get started!

Can you stand it? I wish I could be a part of this little contest! 
I think I might just be a gift label hoarder! 


Anonymous said...

Heather!! That is so exciting! ;)
those labels are so cute!!
i like so many of them...
but i LOVE these: "heart label -doily" item number: HLV05

Those are fabulous!!

Shannon said...

okay so i should probably not look at your blog anymore, you are like "super mom"..and I find myself wanting to do all the fun stuff you make...anyways, i love making cards, so i think i would get address labels, I have like the ugliest handwriting ever :)

Princess Sarah said...

Ok so obviously I LOVE the "Happy Birthday TO YOU!! john&sarah" since they are already personalized for myself and my husband! Get it-- Heather? Yah SO I should pretty much totally be the winner now-right?!!!
Thanks a bunch! =) xxoox!

tammy said...

Really cute stuff! I love it all. I have a thing for cute address labels, but I am really loving the personalized wrap! I'd love to have some for each of my boys to use on their birthdays.

C said...

May I PLEEEASE participate all the way from ITALY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I am so in love with the peacock ones!!!

Her web site is the cutest! I'm posting it RIGHT NOW on my BLOG!!!

xoxo Christina!

erika said...

I love the Peace and Love heart labels. They are so cute. And I love her clear little bags. I just might have to order some of those little suckers!

Taryn said...

ok Heather, I have to say, there are so many cute ones, it's hard to choose, but I think the heart label doily ones would be very cute on all of the homemade bread that I've been giving away. It's hard to choose though!