Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Treats!

My kids have been crazy busy this week playing with their cousins. I have hardly seen them other than the occasional feeding and "I'm thirsty!" oh..and wiping some little bums!  So...while the kids are busy at play, I have been busy at 
Valentine crafting and making treats!!  

This treat is pretty simple to whip up - you need Oreo cookies, dipping chocolate, and sprinkles! Who knew you could make the Oreo even better than it already is! I just dip my Oreos in the melted chocolate and than add the sprinkles while they are still wet. Once they harden I bag them up in cello bags and tie them with twine. now, the fun part begins.

This is what the dining Room table looks like 
when I am in the crafting zone!
To package them, I put them into some pretty little boxes {you can find at Micheals} and then embellish the outside of the box and make some little tags to each of your friends. This is where you can really get creative - I bought heart dollies and stickers and die cuts, and felt hearts and also made my favorite felt flowers for each box. 

Here are some completely done with name tags and all!
Oh my this was so much fun! I could do this all day long alas, I have children to tend to and raise - sigh!!!

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MBlairsLars said...

So cute! Olivia just said that she wants to learn how to make those flowers. Maybe you can do a tutorial on it. Wish I was there to get one of your fancy treat. Love you....Happy Valentines Day! (early)

tammy said...

Really cute!

Pyatt said...

Whatever...I didn't see Jamie on any of those bags!!! Love your guts mutt!!! I are trying to keep my butt from getting any bigger!!!:)

KelleyAnne said...

Sooooo cute!