Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life keeps movin!

We have been busy - it's funny that I even say that because truly, when are we not busy? complaints - I wouldn't trade this busiy-ness for anything! Let me get right to it -

Bart just got back from Bogota, Columbia {again}! He is my serious traveler. 
Next up for him is Spain {I want to go} and China!
They went to see the temple at night and he got a gorgeous picture.

I finally finished Bailey's Articles Of Faith book that I am going to give her for her baptism! 
I still have a lot to do to get ready for that date!
Speaking of which, Caitlin will be turning 14 in a couple of weeks - yikes- 
and I still don't know what to do for her yet!

I am just barely getting around to putting my Valentine decorations away!
 It makes me sad - I love this holiday!


I won tickets to take Maddie to go see the Glee concert that will be coming to town - only to find out after winning, that the concert is on Sunday! Sigh -
 Good old Craigslist will have to help me out!

Parker and his dad got to film for an upcoming infomercial - Parker has seriously talked about being in a commercial to everyone he sees. 
He might just think he's the next Justin Bieber - speaking of this kid -

I have no shame when I say that I am a Bieber believer! My sisters and I saw the movie this week, and we all love him!
 Creepy sounding, but true! Don't judge!
Bailey finally...I mean FINALLY lost her other front tooth - she was looking like Nanny McPhee for a while there! We love this toothless girl!


Marci said...

I saw the movie this weekend too and although I was super skeptical, I loved it! He is seriously talented!

tammy said...

Love that articles of faith book! What a cute me thinking of doing them for primary.

I want to go to Spain too!

Parker makes me smile.