Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain Rain...Let's Ding Dong Ditch!

It is going to pour this weekend - I mean buckets!  So...everyone with kids knows what that means. We will be stuck inside trying to stay warm. Well, I was on eighteen25, which I love to get ideas from, and they were sharing a really cute way to doorbell ditch, called Ding Dong ditching.  I love this as I remember growing up and my sister and our friends would doorbell ditch our friends and every once in a while a cute boy that we liked! What fun to doorbell ditch and actually leave a positive note and a treat to go with it! 
I am thinking that my girls will really like this a lot!!

I made my own little note to attach to the ding dong box, and feel free to email me if you want to have it and do this little activity with your kids! {I still haven't learned how to share online what I have made on Photoshop  - anyone know how to do this?} I will email you back with the jpeg file to upload and print! Pretty easy! 
Now I am off to the store before the rain hits to buy us some Ding Dongs!


tammy said...

I loved that when I saw it on there! Your note is really cute. I would love it if you sent it to me. My friend and her mom and sister are headed to San Diego on Sunday. I wish I was going, even with the rain!

Rach said...

we invited all the neighbors over and had a Wii day. That's how we survived the rainy day.

Princess Sarah said...

I L<3VE Ding Dongs!!!!!

Melanie said...

that's a cute idea...will you send me your note? :)

crazy christensen family said...

send me your jpeg please!!