Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random sweet notes and than some...

"Love can be expressed in many ways. 
I like the simplicity of a note!"

I love the notes I find that my kids write when they are small. I especially love when you know they tried their hardest to make it written the way they hear it. Ever since Valentines Day, Parker has been writing us "I Like you" letters. I absolutely love the way he calls us by our first names and 
spells it "Bort and Hedr!" Too cute!
Parker also brought home his Valentine card holder he made in class and I noticed the front of it and what he had written. I asked him how he came up with that and he said, "The teacher told me I could write something about myself on the heart and so this is what I put!"  It is supposed to say "I am a cool Dude!"

Bailey lost her second top front tooth {hallelujah} and she even placed it in a little bag, but couldn't find it. So...when I was putting the kids to bed the other night, Bailey was in her room writing on post-it notes. I asked her what she was up to and she said it was a note to the tooth fairy asking for a dollar, even though she had no tooth under her pillow.  
I love that she believes!

I remember in high school and definitely in college, how fun it was to creatively ask someone to go to a dance with you. I just loved it! I remember asking one boy with a dozen balloons and he had to pop each balloon and than find one word inside. Once all the balloons were popped, he than had to scramble them together to form a question! Another time, I was in my dorm room at college. A boy called me on the phone and told me to open the blinds because it was snowing - I ran to the windows and opened the blinds and he had spray painted in white foam all over my windows asking me to go to the dance with him. Pretty crafty! This little project I got started on this week reminded me of how fun it is to be creative like that. 

I got busy making two dozen little love notes of my own for my Valentine. Bart had to leave for Las Vegas this past week and we never really got to do to much together before he left. So, I made up a bunch of special dates for us to go on and little love notes. I bought two dozen balloons and put them in our room and attached the notes at the bottom.  I was so excited for him to get home and find the surprise in our room. He said that was the best Valentine surprise ever! Just what I needed to hear!


MBlairsLars said...

I love it Heather. Your so creative!....the only notes I get are to do list from my husband and children...your a licky girl!

tammy said...

Aww...I love the notes! Especially from Parker. Little boy notes always get to me.