Thursday, February 10, 2011

Halfdays, SuGaR COOKIES, Zombies and a DATE for BaILeY!

Please tell me that everyone out there knows, loves and is obsessed with Plants Vs. Zombies! I have seriously become the coolest mom in carpool because when the boys get in the car, they want to talk about my game strategy and nothing is better than hearing my little guy say, "Oh, My mom is the best at Plants Vs. Zombies! You should see her!"  What an ego boost! [It's the small things that build my self-esteem}
Oh...I love this game {Thanks a lot Meggy!}

Well, today was half day at the little ones school and all I heard from Parker was "When will you play Plants Vs. Zombies?" So, I had to oblige!

Bailey, on the other hand, came home and ran upstairs to pick out her dress for the Daddy/Daughter dance.  She had me put her hair in curlers and poor thing just thought that the time would never come!

I spent the majority of the day frosting about 150 sugar cookies for my sharing time in Primary on Sunday!  I just hope they make it until then. I have a serious weakness for these cookies!

Bailey and I decorated her heart that was to hang 
on the wall at the dance tonight!  
Finally, her date arrived, he tied on her corsage, and they were off to cut up the dance floor!

Not fair - I want a date with that dad!


Diane Riding said...

First of all, that had to be THE CUTEST Daddy daughter picture ever!!! ADORABLE!!! So sweet of Bart hugging her.......she looked ecstatically happy!!! Hope they had a great time.....I would have loved to see them dancing together. THEN.......those Valentine cookies......good thing I wasn't there.....some of them might have disappeared! Cute, cute, cute......the blog made me smile!!! :)

tammy said...

That is a lot of cookies!

Love the daddy daughter pictures.

You are the coolest mom ever.