Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the lucky winner is....

Oh my I love Random.org - I used to write all of the names down and stick them in a hat until someone told me how easy random.org is! I just typed in your names and it randomly selected one of you and the winner is......

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Erika
  2. Taryn
  3. Tammy
  4. Christina
  5. Sarah
  6. Christina
  7. Shannon
  8. Merriane
Timestamp: 2011-02-08 15:33:20 UTC

Erika - you came up as number 1!   Lucky girl - you will love  love love these darling gift labels! I just ask that you post your winning on your blog and send more people to Erin's website! They just have the cutest stuff out there!!
Contact me and I will hook you up!


C said...

awwww shucks! And I even had my name in twice!!!! Congratulations Erika!

I guess I'm just gonna have to buy 'em!! :-)

tammy said...

Congrats to her!

Princess Sarah said...

#5 ????? What do I win for coming in fifth?????????? =(

erika said...

Yay! Heather I've never won a giveaway!!!! I'm so so so so so excited!!!!!I actually had gotten on her website a few days ago and already have a list of things I am going to order. Thank you!!!!!

Lauren Clyde said...

Such cute little flowers your making these days! You must do a tutorial. I make a cute cabbage rise out of satin thats similar to yours but after making a hundred for our Relief Society I don't want to make Anymore! Also, I bought valentine celophane bags today & have been brainstorming what to fill them with & I think I may just use your oreos idea, thanks!