Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Blog Blog!

I sometimes wish that all I had was "free" time - I can't even imagine it! I am just on a rant today that I cherish any time I have to be inspired by others, learn new things, and go away from something a better person! 

I saw this little sign on the Etsy Keep Calm shop - have you been? Sooo cute - go HERE! I just realized how much blogging has blessed my life! I find my kids always scrolling through things we have done together, memories we have made - it is the perfect way for me to get over the guilt of not being a better journal keeper! I used to be soo good! 

But - with that said, Life is not easy and I am sorry when and if I make it seem like we have no problems! There are way too many days where I get frustrated, the kids hear me yelling, and dinner just can't get on the table! Anyone relate? I am just grateful that I can blog through most of our good days so that the kids read back on this someday when they are bound into huge blurb books {yeah right} and they can say - "Hey My mom did some cool stuff with us!" That will be fulfilling!

Sooo.. blog on - don't mind me! Just had some thoughts I needed to share!

{In other news - I am almost done with a couple of projects I have been working on and once I get the pictures taken - I will share - on my blog of course! :0) }


tammy said...

You're doing so much better than me in the blog/journal dept!

Taryn said...

How funny Heather, I ordered from that same shop just last month! Oh, btw, do you still have that cookie dough? Is it still good? :)