Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before you call me crazy....

I know I know... it isn't even February yet- but it is coming soon People!  I need to be on top of my game or the holiday will come and go! There are so many fun things to do for Valentines Day and I hope to do them all - but one of my favorites is helping the kids decide what to pass out to their buddies!  I love that they love to make something homemade instead of the store bought variety. Don't get me wrong - there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and I have used them a ton before, but if a child is forced willing to make something extra special than I am all for it!  As I was helping Parker decide what to do, he asked if he would be getting a lot of Valentines this year! I told him yes and that some of them would even be from girls. I than asked him if he had a special "Valentine" and he looked at me with the "Are-youcrazy-lady?' look and he said "Can a Grandma be my Valentine?" "Of course she can," was my reply!
So... Parker went with the cell phone valentine this year and I bought the button candy at the dollar store. Easy Peasy! {I got these ideas from  Family Fun - took the brainwork out of it!}

Bailey liked the googly eyeballs with the eyelashes, of course. These were really fun to make up!
Maddie picked out glow stick bracelets at Micheals craft store and we turned them into Cupid's arrow.

And...if anyone is wondering if Caitlin has outgrown this little tradition - Heck no! She wants to do the Nerd Valentine like she did last year so we will be making those very shortly!
I also went onto Shutterfly and they have the sweetest ready made valentine cards - you just upload the pictures- so I ordered some to pass out to my sisters, parents and in-laws. I mean come on, I may not be in school but I still like passing out the Valentines!
Go here if you want to make some of your own!


Annemarie said...

I'm still calling you crazy...but you know I still love you.

Amy said...

I love you Heather.

tammy said...

I always love your ideas.

Rebekah said...

Ewww, I love the easy, inexpensive ones. You might be seeing a couple of these on my blog shortly .