Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine treats!

So... We have been ahead of the game for Valentine treats but I wanted to post these before they get passed out {and for a couple of my friends that wanted to know what we were up to}
I thought these turned out pretty cute and they really match each child's little {or BIG} personality!
Caitlin is our eternal Nerd - at least she and her friend like to pretend they are! She loved this idea!
Maddie is just sweet Maddie 
and she will go along with just about anything!
Bailey liked the lollipop flowers when I pitched the idea her way.... and Parker {well his are my favorite} and they speak for themself!


tammy said...

So fun!! You are too creative. And I mean that in a good way.

Princess Sarah said...

Heather--I love all your Valentine idea posts!! Where do you store all of our decorations??? I would go crazy---you must be super organized!
The GNO dessert night was so fun to catch up with you all....btw ewwww... nice pic of me with the cookie! I could eat like ten "pizzookies!!!" they were so good! I say let's stick with the dessert night at a house from now on! :)

Mommy Elizabeth said...

Love them!

Michelle said...

All of these are so fun. My favorite is the nerds because I love playing "dress up." I featured this at

3WimmerBoys said...

Holy cow Heather, you really are unbelievable. Sunshine was trying to figure out how to do the ones with the kids holding out the suckers-so super cute. I am not sure how you do it, but you are amazing! We need to hang out, let's make someone have a b-day!

Anne said...

Love these! My hubby and I decided to make the ones with the kids holding the lollipops! Thanks for the great idea...I posted pics of our valentine versions of these, and I was sure to link up to you to give credit for the idea!

Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!