Monday, February 1, 2010

Advent countdown! The LIST!!!

So.. tomorrow is February 1st and the kids are super excited to open up the hearts each day to see what is going to happen.
I thought that for the first four days we would celebrate one child at a time with heart attacks!
Caitlin will be first!

I have made up our list and it looks like this:
Day 1-4  - Heart attack each child - they loved this last year as they all got to participate with what they wanted to say! The big difference is that we did it to everyone - not just one person! This will make it a little more special when it is their turn!
Day 5 -  paper quill hearts - they can make them to give to their friends or maybe  even make a garland!
Day 6 -  Bart will have been gone the entire week, so this will be heart attack dad day!
Day 7 - Painted hand hearts for Grandma and Grandpa
Day8 - Heart origami with money
Day 9 - Cupid cups
Day 10 -  Heart fortune cookies
Day 11 - Strawberry rice crispies
Day 12 - Valentines for dad
Day 13 - heart french toast with strawberry butter
Day14 - Treasure hunt for Valentine gifts from cupid!

I am sneaking up to Caitlin's room to heart attack her door! The fun thing with her is that she is the first and only one up in the morning so she will be so surprised!
This was too funny and I was pretty sure that dad had swiped the chocolate I had planned to give to Caitlin! 
Sure enough he was the culprit!


Marci said...

SOOO cute! I want to see pictures of all the rest too!

Vanessa said...

You always do the most fun things!

What a great idea!

tammy said...

So so fun! And Bart's note and his candy stealing is totally cracking me up.

KelleyAnne said...

I LOVE the way you celebrate the holidays. What fun memories your kiddos will have!