Monday, February 1, 2010

It's working!

Do you want to know the secret to putting four kids to bed by 8 pm sharp? Tell them that someone is getting heart attacked and they need to be asleep so it can happen! Today honestly went better than I had even imagined!
The Highlights:
1. Caitlin came home from school {she loved being surprised by what Bart and I left for her on the mirror that morning} and while she was on the phone with her Bestie she was walking around reading out loud the hearts that the kids had made for her! We decided to heart attack the house so they could put their hearts all over the place! {instead of just the door}
These are just some of the hearts she found!

2. When Parker was saying the prayer over dinner tonight, he opened his eyes looked at the hearts and than said, "We are glad that Caitin got her heart attacked today!" Soo cute!
3. The kids are really into this and can't wait to see what sweet nothings they hear from their siblings - that doesn't normally happen a lot around here!

Tomorrow it is Parker's turn and he will be thrilled about that!

On a side note, Bailey wanted me to "please blog" her Valentine box we made after school today to put her valentines in! {This was more fun for me than her} but she is really excited to bring it back to school tomorrow.
I love these kids and I love these kind of days!
How magical for them to be so excited about a holiday!


These Are The Days said...

How sweet. What fun memories you are creating...not to mention instilling them with thoughtful/kind hearts. :) Keep us updated.

Shell in your Pocket said...

What great times and memories!

sandy toe

tammy said...

I love how you make it so fun for them. They will have such great memories of growing up.