Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To clean or not to clean!

I have  a list that is pretty hysterical - actually every day I have lists - ask my husband  - I will write down to brush my teeth just so I can mark it off.   I have even been known to write what I have already done just so I can feel accomplished by marking it off. Crazy, right?

But, back to today's list- it consisted of vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, repainting a stool in my kids bathroom, ironing {a big pile again} and on and on! None of that got marked off - arrrgghhh!

 Instead, I worked on this:

And, I was asked to speak at my little Niece's baptism 
- so the ideas are forming and may include this:
I also did dinner, showers, bedtime stories, and even a workout! Progress - no cleaning but definite progress!  
I can always clean up tomorrow, right?


Kelli said...

You cracked me up about the lists, I do the same thing! I justify the cleaning procrastination on some days by "They'll remember this (insert random fun thing) much more than the floor being mopped." lol

tammy said...

Cleaning is so overrated.

I write my lists on my wipeboard in my kitchen. Some of the things have been on there so long, they won't wipe off.

Marci said...

I'm a list maker and do the same thing...adding things I did just so I can cross them off :-). It just makes you feel good and we should still get credit for it even if we forget to write it down the first time, right?!