Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beat it! by M.J.

I got the last heart attack ready for Bailey tomorrow - she obviously knows it is her turn and politely asked me to wake her up at 5 AM????? I don't think so homegirl!

{The kids have really had a lot of fun with this and the house is full of cute heart messages - I must admit that I am looking forward to moving on to whatever comes next!}

In other news, I am reading with Maddie every night because she has just joined a girl's book club
{insert Mom being way more excited} 
and she I am reading it every night! 
The February book is 
The Mysterious Benedict Society 
and let me just say, it is really good.
So, we go from peaceful quiet book reading to this:
Yes  - my friends Micheal Jackson booming his beloved song Beat It as my oldest daughter tries to rock out and go over her dance moves for the upcoming airbands. Can I just say I have never seen a girl more excited to play little MJ when they sing the ABC song. And who is the mastermind behind all of this craziness - but her dear YW president and MJ lover - Jen. Want proof? Here is some!
So Jen where do we go to get the afro?


MBlairsLars said...

I love all your cute little ideas...they make me want to be a better Mom. Keep up the great work. Love Ya!

Pyatt said...

I love that MJ still lives this generation!! Good times and good on Maddie for being in a book club!!

tammy said...

5:00am - that's funny. Looks like a cute book. I love it that my youngest loves to read.

Rach said...

Noah just finished reading that book. He loved it and can't wait until i get him the next one