Friday, February 5, 2010

Dance Shmance!

Two of my girls, Maddie and Bailey, have been walking around pretty depressed as they realize that tonight is the daddy/daughter dance at the their school. Their friends are going to be there {with their dads, of course} and poor Maddie and Bailey have a dad that is in Las Vegas. Caitlin was asked to work at the dance, so that only adds salt to the wound as far as the girls are concerned.
So, taking matters into my own hands, we are going to have a mommy/children date {have to include Parker also} I know that I am a sorry replacement when it comes to being with their dad, but I will have to do! They love eating at Souplantation {so do I} and than we are off to Nickel city -another place they love
{me, not soo much} 
Anyone want to join us?

Also, Bailey and Parker made these cute little hearts for me today at my neighbors house - they were so excited to give them to me!


Marci said...

I loved their little should definitely cheer them up :-). You're so cute!

KelleyAnne said...

You are such an adorable mom. It cheered ME up♥

tammy said...

So hard when Daddy has to miss things, I know. Nickel City sounds fun, and we love Souplanation too (although we call it Sweet Tomatoes here)!