Friday, June 11, 2010

Celebrate the Seasons!

Sometimes as a mom and being in the trenches of raising four young kids, I wonder if I am doing anything truly fulfilling.  I look back on many days {usually the days where I didn't even get to take a shower} and see that I made breakfast, drove the carpool, came back and did dishes, got my little guy to preschool, folded laundry, paid bills, picked up kids from school, started homework, chores, and after school activities, made dinner, bathed little ones, listened to a first grader read Junie B. Jones books, put kids to bed, started more laundry.... and on and on. my life appears to be on repeat mode! 
Same old same old..... 
BUT - I will say that being given the chance to be in my kids school and directing the choir is something I really love and every time, once all of the work and effort has been put in, it is so great to see it all come together! 
That is my fulfilling moment!
{That and when I see how excited and 
grateful my own children are to be apart of it!} 
Our theme for this production was Celebrate the Seasons! We sang about Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day,  Easter, Fourth of July and Summer.  the kids did a great job!


Rach said...

I am glad you survived. you aren't the only one who feels like that. have a great weekend! we need to have a relaxing girls night in after school gets out!

tammy said...

How fun that you got to do that! I know I feel that some days are just repeats of other days, too. They will remember the times you did the something extras for them.

KelleyAnne said...

I miss Sea World so much! We always had season passes way back when. That ranch looks so fun and so cute!