Sunday, June 13, 2010

This looks like it could be a Summer post!

Summer is almost upon us in San Diego - 
believe me the kids are doing the countdown!
  I am really excited for no homework, carpools, 
lunches to make, you know what I mean!
  Lately the kids have been living like Summer is already here and it gets me excited for the real thing!

Parker ended up loving basketball 
{there were only a few tears of anxiety}
We won a bunch of tickets to Sea World and so my sister and one of my friends met up with us to enjoy Sea world Summer nights!
Bailey went to a horse ranch for her friends birthday party!
  I seriously could have taken up residence there! 
It was beautiful!
The girls got to groom the horses...
Then they got to go riding!

This horse ranch was pretty magical!
 If this is what Summer is about to look like - I can't wait!


tammy said...

What a fun place for a birthday party!

Rach said...

i am jealous that you are so much closer to summer than us.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AH how fun and adorable is that Horse party?! cute cute cute. Looks like your household is having a fun summer so far :)

Princess Sarah said...

I"m jealous! I love horses....I am going tohave to find out where that place is!!