Friday, May 7, 2010

Maddie's Amazing Party!

I think that Maddie still had visions of limousine rides dancing through her mind, like we did for Caitlin's Birthday! I didn't pull any type of surprise out of my hat for her birthday but we planned a really fun Amazing Race Birthday party and I dare say she loved every minute of it!
The girls met at our house and got their first clue! 
off to the Race Track they go!
The girls had to each race around the track and the three girls with the best lap time, got to go one more time around to determine the winner!
After the race track, the next clue sent them to eat pizza and swim at the Scripps Club.  They had such a fun time and Maddie told me Thank you more than a few times! Birthday parties sure are a lot of work but well worth it when you know your child had "The best time ever!'
We love you Maddie girl!


Elizabeth said...

What a fun Party Heather! i love it!!

KelleyAnne said...

You sure know how to throw a party. Gosh! Happy Mother's Day ... you are an amazing MOM♥

Rach said...

looks like fun and you had nice weather for swimming. yea

MBlairsLars said...

I love yur party ideas! Come plan one for me! I'm glad that Maddie had a great time...she deserves it! PS.....I want to go to the club too (I miss is so much)!!!

tammy said...

Looks like it couldn't have been any more fun!