Saturday, May 8, 2010

To be a MOM!!!

"It is the mother who creates memories and righteous traditions. It is the mother who is the consistent force who never gives up on a child. It is the mother who stays up late and gets up early to work with a child to complete assignments and projects. It is the mother who worries. It is the mother who rolls with life’s punches and teaches her children to do the same. It is the mother who teaches her children, “There are no problems so great that we cannot solve,” and then sets about solving the world’s problems. God bless all the mothers of the earth. God bless all the homes of the world to develop and maintain righteous traditions." 
President Thomas s Monson 

It truly is good to be a mom!
I had some hair wrenching moments this week with a couple little devils in our house, but when all is said and done - I am glad to have the job of Mom! The traditions and memories we are creating will hopefully be lasting and help them realize their many blessings!

oh.. and by the way - I think the women in my ward will be feeling the Mother's Day love this year. I personally dipped 300 ginger snap cookies in white chocolate and bagged them up for the special Mom's in our ward.  Thanks to Kim over at Tomkat Studio - she made a darling Mother's day template that I was able to use for the tags I put on the cookies. These were truly a joy to make - like I always say to my sweet man who says I bring this all on myself - "You either need to get me into therapy or let me be creative because that is my therapy."

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day! We are now off to spend time with family!


tammy said...

Love that quote. And the cookies. You always make me wish we knew each other in real life.

erika said...

I LOVE that family picture of you guys!!!

jaredandangela said...

um ya - the cookies were seriously delish - and seriously what would our husbands do without them to bail them out and make them look good :)

Shaunte Wadley said...

Oh no you di'nt...
You are amazing!

KelleyAnne said...

You are so sweet. I thought moms weren't allowed to do that. Aren't you supposed to be the recipient?