Thursday, February 18, 2010

Overly talented Airband performers {It's in our genetics}

When I was in high school, I will have you know, that I performed the Pointer Sisters with my friends - I mean imagine it - painted our faces black, rocked the afro, and pulled out some moves. We even made it to finals - yeah - you heard right!
So... it's only natural that I would marry a "closet" Air Band genius & give birth to a daughter that was born to rock the air band stage!
They did me proud - they did me real proud!
Caitlin was little Micheal Jackson of the Jackson 5.
They were Awesome!

The fans were crazy!

There was popcorn, candy and soda!


The hubby and his "Posse" did the Nsync 
version of "Bye Bye Bye!"

 The littlest fan really liked his dad's airband!
There were a lot of great groups from 
Taylor Swift to the Blues Brothers
AND...The Winner's were......
These excited Guys....

little Micheal Jackson's group!
Made her Mama proud!
I'll try to add the video later!


deveney said...

please, please, please post videos! looks like a blast, what a family of performers you are:)

Amy said...

FUN! I saw a few pics of this on Facebook today...

Shannon said...

okay Sister Sadleir..sorry it's just feels strange to call you Heather...I love your blog! I've been following you for a while now, and your just so crafty and fun! you make me wanna be a better mom!

Wendie said...

I'm afraid of what these boys might do if they are chaperoning a Youth Dance and Bye Bye Bye, just happens to be played by the DJ.

The Trainas said...

love your pics. I want to make a poster for the hallway at church and am gonna use some of your pics, okay?

tammy said...

I love it!