Monday, February 15, 2010


The girls were pleased with the scavenger hunt!

I love love love subbing for this little primary class!

We had a fun Valentine dinner with the family!
My sister Meghan drove down to get out of the snow - so Lizzy and Jen came down to join the fun!

We headed to La Jolla shores today with the kids - 
they were soaked - clothes and all!

This little one was loving having her picture taken!

Fun weekend!!!


Elizabeth Judd said...

how adorable heather, those pictures are so cute! Yes grace loved having her picture taken today! Thanks for telling me about picnik too, love you and i'll see you in a few days!!

Pyatt said...

Too cute and what a fun day...perfect beach day! How fun to have everyone together (just about)

katie said...

heather. your photos are looking killer. its made you a whole new blogger. im impressed :)

KelleyAnne said...

I love how you captured her little spirit in those pictures! I still REALLY want to be one of your kids♥

tammy said...

I am loving your photos, too.

And I want to go to the beach now.