Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disney Again!

You know you have been to Disneyland a lot when your youngest child {the one that should still think it is the most magical place ever} looks at you and says, "We are going to Disneyland Again?' {Add an exaggerated accent to the last word} Don't get me wrong - he was still super excited - but we have sure put our season passes to good use this year!
By the way - the morning that we were going -I won 4 hopper passes to Disney {on the radio} - those will come in handy when our passes expire in a couple of months!
Now back to Disney!
We met my sisters {Meg and Liz} up there on Thursday and my kids were so happy to be with cousins!
Parker really enjoys hanging out with Porter! And his map was never far from his pocket!

 The whole gang!

On Friday we went back for a few hours and even ran into Erika and Rachel with their little Princesses!

This is what the car looks like when we pull out of the Disneyland parking lot! Ahhh... so peaceful!

That night we met up with my family - all five sisters were together which is very rare - Jill flew down to look at houses as they are moving to San Diego in the next few months - We are soooo excited about that!

I love being with these sisters of mine!


Annemarie said...

You had me at Pat & Oscars. Yum.

Okay, your sisters are pretty amazing, too. Tell the one on the far right hello and to get back to blogging already.

Rach said...

how fun. our passes have been put to good use to and i am so jealous that you won tickets. i am going to have to do that too if i want to go in the fall. grrr.

Pyatt said...

My mom loved seeing all five of you the other night at your mom' times...dude we have Disney passes me next time you go!

3WimmerBoys said...

Hey, we were at Disneyland on Wednesday, just missed you, bummer! I love that Parker said, we are going again! So cute. I am so super jealous your sister is moving here. How many of them live around here? My closest is in Thousand Oaks, I want one (or more) here!

Tina said...

How fun to be with your sisters. I have 4 sisters too! Do you have any brothers?

Erika said...

So fun to see you guys at Disneyland! Hopefully we can do a real day with all of together :)
How fun with all of your sisters. You guys are all so pretty.

腰痠 said...


Marci said...

So fun to see all the sisters together! And I wish we could go to Disneyland all the's the one thing Texas doesn't have :-)!

tammy said...

I hate you.

Not really. But I am jealous of where you live. I was just telling my family in UT about a blog friend that lives in CA and goes to Disneyland or the beach or other fun places all the time.