Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the OLD!!!

Parker and his dad took tons of trash down to the dump .... Parker had so much fun unloading the car and throwing the trash out - we are hoping this isn't in his future job plans!

For being such a great helper,
he got to pick out a treat and Jelly Bellies it was!

They then went for a trolley ride
and Parker said it was the best day ever!!!


Tina said...

a little boy's dream come true, for sure!

These Are The Days said...

Funny, I just did a post today titled 'In With The New'. :) He's too cute.

tammy said...

Boys love the dump, that's for sure! My 13 yr old still talks about the time his grandpa took him to the dump when he was 4 and they watched the trucks and bulldozers push the garbage around for half the day.