Friday, January 1, 2010

Our life in 2009!!

I had so much fun looking back on this past year and realizing that every month held something special and wonderful to be thankful for. I am grateful for this blog and having a way to truly document our journey!

What a truly blessed year this has been!

May 2010 be even better!


Yearly puzzle making

Snowman pretzels

Bailey's Birthday


Sadleir Valentine's Day Party

My sweet Valentine

Ginger heart cookies for the girlfriends


St. Patty's green pancakes

Caitlin turns 12!


April Fool's day meatloaf cupcakes

Easter Cheetoh carrots

Easter Morning


Mine and Jen's eternal "29th" birthday

Maddie is 10

Mother's Day


Parker turns 4!

Sadleir Summer kick-off party

Trip to Disney


4th of July

Montana with friends

Caitlin's first girl's camp

High school reunion


Beach Days

15th Wedding Anniversary


Swiss Days in Utah

Back to school


Vacation with the kiddos

Vegas trip to Donny and Marie

Caramel Apples

Halloween Dinner


Thankful Hearts

Indiana Bailey

Favorite Things Party

Thankful Tree


Bart turns "29"???

Candy cane cookies

Christmas morning

Yearly Santa shot

The reason for the Season

Thanks Tina for the inspiration


Rach said...

What no post from last night yet? I am disappointed in you. It was a great year. Thanks for some of my memories.

kelley said...

I enjoy your blog. It is fun to see "MY YW"..all grown up with wonderful families of their own. Happy 2010. Kelley Partrdige

These Are The Days said...

You're the cutes mom ever! I am going to have to use some of your ideas this year k? Thanks for sharing.

Marci said...

Such a cute idea...I may have to copy it :-).
About the pictures on my blog...
I started using photobucket when my blogger account told me I had reached my picture quota. I upload my pictures there and resize them (my big pictures are the "large" size and my smaller ones are the "medium" size). I don't do anything in photobucket but that and then copy the html code they give me and post it in my blog post while composing in the "edit html" tab.
I found this blog: when I googled how to post pictures side by side awhile ago and they provide a code for you to do it. You just paste the code for your pictures into first cell and second cell where they tell you.
You would probably be able to post 2 vertical pictures side by side in your current blogger template, but to do 2 horizontal pics you have to have one of the stretch templates that give you the extra space.
Let me know if you have any other questions!

KelleyAnne said...

That was so fun to look at your past year! Didn't it just fly by:(