Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DeJaVue but with friends and a sister included!

First of all - I love my hubby sooo much as this is the funnest camera and I am loving playing around with it! Just check out how much more clear and bright the pictures are! Woweee!

Well, we made it back to Belmont park again but this time my sister Elizabeth and my friends Jamie and Melissa came in tow
{with their kids, of course!]

Look at that colorful bunch!

Taylor is soo pretty!

This is seriously one of my favorite pictures - they were spinning around pretty fast and my new cam got the shot!
The twins faces are priceless!

Melissa, Jamie, Liz and me!

Jamie's cute patooty would have a literal melt-down that she couldn't go on every ride that the big kids were on! It was so sad but also so funny to see her! She is such a little ham!


These Are The Days said...

I'm loving your new camera too. I can't believe it got that fast shot. What kind did you get? Looks like fun. Lots of all must be Mormon or Catholic. :) j/k

Elizabeth Judd said...

that was sooo much fun! I'm so glad grace and olivia were able to go on all of those rides! you need to send me pictures, i'm soooooooo jealous of your new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rach said...

Looks like fun. I wish we could have gone with you. I have never been to belmont park. see you friday

Rach said...

i'm not jealous of your camera.