Sunday, December 20, 2009

Parade of lights!

No one was exactly excited to go see the parade of boat lights down by the harbor of downtown San Diego - I heard a lot of complaints about it being to cold... blah blah blah! This is tradition and I am not about to break away from that!
I knew that once we got everyone down there they would have a great time!

We went with the Quinn's!

We sat down on the pier so that we could be front and center for when the boats came by!

MacKenna and Maddie

It was too dark to get any great pictures of the boats, but they were very colorful and festive!

Seaport Village has the coolest Christmas decorations everywhere!

The Quinn's gave us the yummiest pie that we dug right into the second we got home!

For "some" of us (I won't mention my husband's name) this was the highlight of the night!


Princess Sarah said...

That pie looks deee-lish!! :-)

Rach said...

do you ever just sit. you say i am busy. whatever. we did go to sea world today though!

Vanessa said...

One of my favorite memories as a child!