Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It started with the Nativity!

I feel like this little post could be turned into a Hallmark special.
My parents possibly gave us the best Christmas gift ever! and I didn't really want it at the beginning! {Can you believe it}
But, the story ends with a change of heart and a special feeling for this sweet nativity every time I stare up at it!

Let me regress for a moment - it's not that I didn't want it but I was thinking that it wouldn't go anywhere in my house and besides, my house was full of candies and colors {I know- that sounds silly and dumb} But, with my mom's help,
I placed our nativity up in a special spot in out entertainment center. It has recessed lights that shine on it and makes it look beautiful!

We had Family Home Evening last night and Maddie started by sharing the true meaning and symbols of Christmas. {she had been given this at her last activity days}
It was so sweet and everyone listened and learned a lot!

Than it was my turn to talk about the nativity and how it plays into the reason for celebrating Christmas.
My children loved watching the "Spirit of Christmas"
and than we tied it back into the nativity once again!

I absolutely love walking into the family room and looking up at our sweet reminder of what is most important this season and Mom and Dad - for the record - I can't thank you enough for giving us the best gift and helping my heart be softened.

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jaredandangela said...

We have that same nativity and I absolutely love it! It really does help us to remember what Christmas really is all about.