Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where in the world are the Sadleir's

I know things have been sad since I have not been blogging, right? Well, with good reason - We went on vacation and it was all about the kiddies - well, most of the time at least!
We first went Here

We literally had Knotts Berry Farm all to ourselves - It was so much fun and we sure got spoiled!

Than - we went HERE!

We went to Disneyland with about three million other people!

Parker fell asleep on Bart's shoulders the first night - too much fun!

We did sneak away for one night to meet up with the Afualos and the Shoff's for dinner - no little ones invited!
Now, that was our part of the vacation!

We spent some time here with our cousins and I dare say they had more fun playing with them than they did at Disney!

No trip would be complete without coming back here for the third time!
I can say that I am Disney'ed out for a while!

No sooner did we get back from this little get away than we (meaning only mom and dad) got away by ourselves for a couple days!
Now, where did we run off to?
Ewww. the suspense!


Elizabeth Judd said...

how FUN, I wish we could have seem you guys! sorry we were sick, call us next time you are here and we can go to Disneyland with you! LOVEYOU!!

Berezay said...

First...your experience at Knotts totally reminds me of when WE went to Disney Land before we moved! So fun! AND>.....I'm wondering if your Afuolo's are related to the the Afualo I served with?!?!?! I'm betting our world is getting smaller and smaller! ;)

Mark and Meghan said...

wowsers headster! that is one buys vacation. i love disney at halloween time. and love when we have knotts all to ourselves! love that place!
i laughed at maddies shirt! so maddie.

miss you...xoxo
ps i'm pretty sure we're coming for let's plan a big shindig!

tammy said...

These pictures give me such anxiety because we always go to Disneyland in Oct. and this time the hubs said no way. He's such a party pooper! I love Disneyland this time of year!! (But I did just reserve a hotel for spring break there - shhhh!)

Melissa-Mc said...

Knotts Berry Farm AND Disneyland. SOOOO fun!