Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I really dread when the kids go back to school and all that comes with it - carpools, homework, projects, soccer, piano, dance, yada yada... It just STINKS!!!
I do love the creativity it gives me to think of ways to make the best first impression on the teachers, if you know what I mean! I even got a phone call from one of the teachers saying she had never been "bribed" so early on before! :0) "That's how I roll" is all I could say in response!

These were for the teachers!

These were for my kids lunches!

These were made post-haste for the first day of school pictures!

My 7th grader literally is so sweet and asked me very kindly if she was supposed to wear it all day long! She was so scared the answer would be YES!!
Maddie is a big 5th grader and she is really good at taking care of her little sister! They were pretty excited to head off to school today!
This boy is all about his mama and he had to be given at least 7 pieces of gum to pose for a picture as he was crying that he wanted to stay home with me and play tug-of-war (don't know where that came from!)
To get over the guilty mom feeling of having some free time today - I made some welcome home brownies so they know I was thinking about them!
Those were eaten within seconds!
Only 169 more days to go!


Annemarie said...

I thought I was the biggest schmoozer to the teachers...gheesh!

Bet you had a good day! 169 more!!

Melissa-Mc said...

How sweet of Caitlin to worry she might have to wear that sign all day. Welcome back to school!

Pyatt said...

Dude...you bring bribes to a whole new level! I bet they are all on the honor roll this year! :) I'm teasing...who wouldn't want your kids in their class...My Mackenzie is obsessed with your kids...:) We love you guys!

Marci said...

I think it's so cute that your oldest wanted to know if she had to wear her sign all day :-)!

tammy said...

I really kind of hate it when they go back too. Love all your ideas! And how sweet that Parker wanted to stay with Mom. I love that about little boys.

(and I totally LOL when I read your comment on my blog!)

winspears said...

Welcome back to another year of to-do's!!! Gotta love school!

Princess Sarah said...

Nice bribes! I am definately learning some good tricks from you for the future! Those brownies look scrumpcious!! YUM!

MBlairsLars said...

I love it. You always do the cutest thins for your kids. Your the best. Miss you.

Stacey said...

So cute! I love seeing your ideas. I hope the kids have a great year.

3WimmerBoys said...

I love the idea of bribing the teachers. I have got to do that!! So smart. I loved seeing you today!

The Trainas said...

okay, you are so over the top I don't even know what to say. Love, love, love, love all of your kids... but especially Caitlin. how sweet! :)