Saturday, September 12, 2009

Utah shopping!

I have had so many questions like... "Why in the world did you go to Utah to shop?" and "Where are all of the stores you were talking about?" I have to let everyone in on these great little boutiques, so I will make our list for you!

Keep in mind when we went on our little trip we were only there for 48 hours so stopping for food was an annoyance - (don't get me wrong - Utah has yummy food places) but we wanted to cover serious ground and there are little shops all over the place!

1. Hip and Humble - Cute cute
2. Details - My fave furniture store!
3. Emily Jayne - fun consignment store!
4. Sundance Outlet - I wasn't feelin' it this time - and that was a bummer because I used to find really cute jewelry there.
5. Thanksgiving Point - Best seasonal items
6. Rod Works - Inexpensive home store
7. Sweet Briar - These are three little houses connected to one another and they each have shops. I get the cutest ribbon there.
8. Gardner Village - Fun fun little shops
9. Quilted Bear - This is a plce for good ideas and they always have something little that I can buy
10. Evans Frontier - Fave
11. Garden Path - cute little seasonal boutique
12. The Planted Earth - same thing
13. Taipan Imports - Fun store!
14. Dear Lizzie - This is literally one of my favorite little boutiques. I got two really cute dresses there this time as they are clearing out all of their Summer clothes.
15. The Peppermint Place - Fun little candy and fudge store!
16. Down East Basics - Such cute dresses and clothes
17. Provo Bakery - The BEST sugar cookies and orange rolls!
18. Thru the Barn
19. Bell, Book and Candle
20. Finders Keepers
21. Campus craft

What am I forgetting?
What stores do I not know about and need to hit next time we are there?
I might be going up in October with our family and would love to hit them!


Annemarie said...

If you were at the Hip & Humble in Bountiful you are sooooo busted.

Mark and Meghan said...

children's hour. ninth and ninth in salt lake. that's what it's called, that i couldn't remember! in october we'll go! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Sounds fun!
sandy toe

Vanessa said...

CA has better food anyway. No need to waste your time eating, when you could be shopping!