Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These girls can shop!

I told my husband this was like getting hit by a car and going to the funnest Heaven E.VER! Bart than said, "Oh Great - so that means that me and the kids aren't in that heaven" - oops my bad - but this was a very fun FUN trip thanks to a very supportive husband who let me go in the first place!!

Rod and Sue had planned this trip for us and given it to us as a Christmas gift so we were all excited for months to go to Utah and just shop shop shop! (Which is literally what we did)

While we were gone, we should have eaten a total of nine meals. We literally only stopped to eat three times - we were too excited to be bothered by food. I will say though that when we did take a break to eat- it was a good one!
Before we left for the aiport!

We were given a "little" spending cash and we sure put it to good use!

I was just in awe of each little boutique and store we stepped into!

We stopped the first night at Cafe Rio and loved every bite!
I made the girls go walking with me at 10:30 that night and we probably only worked off a couple bites!

Friday we went to Swiss Days in Midway - I had to get a photo with the Swiss Day girls - they were too cute!
We laughed as we heard a girl talking on her cell phone telling her husband to meet her at the Relief Society booth - Only in Utah!My little Sister Meg met us at Swiss Days and we couldn't help but get their yummy scones with homemade jam... and honey... and cinnamon sugar - totally calorie free!

One of my favorite stores is Dear Lizzie!

We found quite a load of Halloween stuff

One of my "must-stops" - the Provo Bakery for their sugar cookies!!!

At the airport on the way home, I saw Marci Freeman - I only recognized her because of her mom's blog - she is so cute and check out that darling baby!
I think this perfectly sums up our trip - Sue's bag came off the conveyor belt with this tag attached to it! "HEAVY - Bend your knees!"
Rochelle and I were at Walmart at Midnight the night before buying extra luggage just to cart our "finds" back home!
Rod picked us up at the aiprort and handed us each a Welcome Back card! It was so sweet and he also mentioned that we should do this more than once a year - I couldn't agree with him more!
Thank you to Rod and Sue for making this amazing trip possible!
Our sis-in-law Jeanne will have to join in on the fun next time!


Elizabeth Judd said...

what a flipping fun trip and i can't stand how cute all those stores looked!! how fun you got to see Meghan too!! I want to go there right now!

Vanessa said...

HEY! I was at Swiss Days, but on Saturday.

Looks like a fun trip!

Princess Sarah said...

Ewwww! You look so cute in all the pics, Heather! What a fun trip! You have such fun in-laws...luckyyyyyyyyyy!

The blogging Bakers said...

What great in-laws!!!!How fun, those boutiques looked so fun. Looked like a nice little getaway.

Mark and Meghan said...

glad i got to make it into the VERY busy schedule! :) thanks! your $ is on the way! love you...xoxo

Pyatt said...

Seriously...that looks so fun...do you think Sue and Rod would adopt me? :)

winspears said...

way too fun! i wanna go next time!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

That looks so fun. Just what you need before the grind of school begins.

Marci said...

It was so fun to run into you...and I think it's hilarious that the bag had that Heavy tag put on it...you guys must have done some serious shopping! :-)

KelleyAnne said...

Oh My Gosh! That trip looks like it was so fun:) I can't believe you and Marci ran into each other at the airport. Isn't it a small world. Thanks for watching out for her. You are so sweet♥

tammy said...

So Jealous!! You hit all my favorite places to shop when I go to UT. Where's Hip & Humble though? That's one I haven't been to.

Christina Bambina said...

That is soo cool thet you bumped into MArci at the airport in SLC!!! I wish I could just bump into you guys!!!

Amy said...

I LOVE Swiss Days!!! Looks like you had a great time. I would like to be in line behind Jamie for adoption, please.

Tara said...

Your blog is so much fun to catch up on but I always feel like I need to take notes on the sweet things you do! You should make a list of all the stores you love and post it for those of us who don't know your secret spots!

Pam Mueller said...

So that is where you snag all your cute things! Wish I still lived out west!