Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer FUN has begun!!!

Summer officially began at 12 noon today! Nothing beats sleeping in, no homework projects and busy carpools! So... to celebrate the laziness that we are about to indulge in, we had our Sadleir Summer kick-off party tonight!

It turned out really fun and a lot of work went into this one but soo worth it! I found a ton of cute BBQ stuff in the dollar section at Micheals and that is what I used to decorate our table outside!

Before we ate dinner, we played some water games in the back yard!
The kids were "freezing" after getting wet and so we moved the dinner to eat inside!
After dinner, we went and sat down to do Family home Evening where we talked about goal setting. I had each of the kids come prepared to set a goal for physical fitness, homework, and spiritual. I love what they came up with! For example, Parker would like to learn to count to 46 (random) and he believes that he can run 45 laps (or 11 miles). That's my boy!

This really turned out good as the kids made their own goals and so they have no excuse to put it on me. I told them that if they wake up early and get on these things, the earlier we will be able to leave and head to the beach, the zoo, wherever we may be going!

After our lesson, we went out and turned on the firepit so that we could make strawberry shortcake on a stick! This was the favorite part by far!
I went to Home Depot and bought dowels and than came home and covered them in foil and secured the ends with masking tape.

Then you spray the stick with cooking spray and add one pillsbury biscuit that has been flattened and pinch the ends together! Butter it up and wave it over the fire until plump and cooked.
slide it off the dowel and spray whipping cream into the center. Top it off with strawberries and you are done. Soo yummy! Good thing I bought two packages of biscuits as the kids loved making them nd eating them!

Even this guy had one.... or five!!


Sandy Toes said...

Looking like you are starting your summer off right!
Cute table.
sandy toe

Elizabeth Judd said...

what fun night! i love the picture of Caitlin and her twin!!!

Pyatt said...

Love it!! What a great way to start the summer? When are we headed to the beach?

MBlairsLars said...

Love Love Love it! Let make them when I get there...JK. I look forward to seeing you. Yeah 2 weeks!

tammy said...

Oh gonna have to try that recipe! And genious on the dowels. We are always trying to figure out what to use to roast our marshmellows with.

Mark and Meghan said...

sounds fun head! what good goals they made! miss you and those kids!

Rach said...

hey skinney! those were some great ideas. I wish i could use them, but by the end of the school year (july) I am so done and we always leave right away for vacation. Hope to see you soon. You can go to the movies for free tomorrow at 10am if you want

Rach said...

hey are we going to have a girls get together when melissa comes?

KelleyAnne said...

Wow. That is so neat. What a great tradition. Your family is so cute!

Melissa-Mc said...

Looks like a blast! I hope Parker makes it to 46 and not just 45. I love it :)