Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker.. and Dad!

My baby is no longer a Baby and has just turned four! I am not too hapy about it! I wish he wouldn't grow up so fast like the other siblings in our home! Sad times!
Well, we had to celebrate - "Car" style and so he invited 16 of his "closest" friends to the park and we did it up right!
He loved smacking this thing - which I swear was made of concrete!
It would not bust open!
All of the friends with their cars hats on!

4 Reasons I love this little man!
1. He is always happy! You just look at him and he makes you smile because he is smiling - He has a charmer of a smile, I might add!
2. This boy can give the tightest squeezes and hugs. He also doesn't mind using the words I love you - even when he is knocked out asleep and I whisper that I love him in his ear! He will mumble back "I love you Mom!"
3. He is a boy through and through! With three older sisters he really has to hold his own. He loves cars and trucks and getting dirty - my kind of kid!
4. Parker says the funniest things - he always keeps us laughing! I love you little guy!

I totally have to add on to this post because I have the world's greatest dad! Just ask everyone I know! He is loved by all that know him! I always joke with my friends and say the real reason I had boyfriends growing up was so that they could be around my dad! They would come to pick Me up for a date and than spend the majority of the date at my house with my mom and dad! What's up with that?
Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you!


Melissa-Mc said...

I am AMAZED at your ability to throw a party for 17 little 4-year-olds. I hope he and your dad had a great bday.

MBlairsLars said...

You really out did yourself at that party!!! No suprise. Tell both those wonderful men happy birthday from the Larson's. They both are awesome!!!

Vanessa said...

You throw the most fun parties! I need to hire you as my party planner!

Pam Mueller said...

Do they share the same B-Day? What great decorations!

Pyatt said...

You do have a great dad!! I can't believe Parker is four!! He'll be leaving on his mission soon dude!! How crazy is that? Hope all is well!! call me!

tammy said...

Such a cutie! I hate that they have to grow up too. Looks like the party was a blast.

Rach said...

your dad is great. the concert looked great and you looked great today. keep up the good work. when do we get to hang out? it was fun seeing your sister's at church today. i bet your parents loved that.