Saturday, March 7, 2009

A great Girlfriend!

I can't even say how much I am going to miss my sweet friend Melissa. She is the BEST and I have not been able to come to grips with the fact that she will be in Farmington, NM instead of close by in San Diego where she belongs! why does a husband's job always have to interfere with a great friendship!
Well, we had a little goodbye party for her last night at my house and it was really fun just to be together!

Missy brought this darling little Candy Bar in a basket!

She also brought over the cutest little earrings for each girl (wrapped super cute, I might add!)

Here we are with all of our gift boxes!

Melissa -You will be missed!!!!


Sandy Toes said...

Its' hard to say "goodbye" to good friends.
sandy toe

Mark and Meghan said...

sad head! i love the candy bar in a basket, and the cute wrapped earrings. but why does jamie's box have a "p" on it??!

Pyatt said...

Meggy--it's for Pyatt because Julie got the J!!:)

KelleyAnne said...

I've been through that so, so many times. What a sweet friend. Blessings to Melissa and her new adventure! (the candy and those little earring boxes are soooo cute)

Rach said...

i want a copy of the pictures since i didn't pull out my camera. i think after all the ones you took gigi would have murdered me for taking more. just email. way fun night by the way. do you still have my cookie sheet? i will come get it soon. eat all the cheesecake you want