Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A THANK YOU and some love for baby Crew!

Bart is always the genius behind many of our creative Family Home Evenings on Monday nights! With him in Australia I had to step it up (mostly because I knew he would be asking) and I can proudly say I did a really fun lesson with the kids.

The lesson was all about being thankful and expressing love to others.
I told them how important it is to let others know that you love and appreciate them for their time, talents or things they do to serve.

I then had each child pick a strip that had something for them to do

Bailey had to write a note to her brother or sister. She picked Parker and I love how she wrote "You are nice" (which he promptly ripped up after a couple of minutes - real Nice!)

Parker had to write a note to Grandpa Rod (He was coming to babysit that night). Gotta love what he told me to write - Random!

Then we went to visit this little butterball for his 1st birthday and bring him a gift!
I love this baby!

My kids loved watching him try to open the present!
It took everything for Parker to restrain himself from grabbing that gift and ripping it open himself!

I think they learned a little about saying Thank you to others!
So, why do I still have to constantly remind them?


Pyatt said...

What a great idea...again...I'm banking all of these cute ideas for when Mackenzie is old enough to participate...See you on Friday!

Anonymous said...

that is such a great idea! i'll have to steal it & do that with my family :)

Melissa-Mc said...

That is a great idea to help them express gratitude to others.

KelleyAnne said...

What a cute idea. I bet the kids will remember that too:)