Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy 12th Sweet Girl!

Just looking at these pictures reminds me how lucky I am to have this one in my life! Independent of her mom and dad, she is one great girl and always tries to do what is right!
So... in honor of her turning 12 - here are 12 reasons why I love her sooooo much!
1. She looks a lot like her mother - how lucky is she?
2. Caitlin can be told something one time and than she not only lives by it but tries to set a good example for her siblings.
3. She is always very kind and has great manners.

4. She looks for ways to help me around the house and is actually starting to see things and clean them up without being asked! HUGE milestone!
5. She reminds me of the rules - Constantly - and keeps her parents in check.
6. She is such a sweetheart to her friends and to kids of all ages. She includes others and always has something kind to say!

7. I love that Caitlin is always up for doing things, even if they may be a little baby-ish or silly for a 12 year old. I can tell her we are going to see Elmo Live and she will act excited about it!
8. Caitlin is always so grateful for anything we buy her or do for her and very quick to acknowledge her thanks! (It totally makes you want to do more and more for this kid!)
9. Caitlin loves being with our family and I know that our days are numbered but I love having her around!

10. Caitlin really tries hard in school and wants to get great grades and someday go to BYU!! (Love that place!)
11. She is an amazing little babysitter (thanks to the Shupes training) and is so loving with other people's kids. (notices I said other peoples - we are still working on our own siblings - Baby steps!)
12. Caitlin is an absolutely solid gold girl! She is in the makes of becoming quite the little lady!
We Love you Kiki!!!

This was Caitlin when the young women came over and brought her presents and welcomed her into YW! She is super excited!!!

In honor of her entering Young Women's at church, I made her some yummy birthday brownies!
That should get her some "Browinie" points with the young women! Wink wink!


Annemarie said...

SHe is such a cute girl! How would she feel about marrying a boy a year younger than her?

tammy said...

What a cutie! If she doesn't marry Annemarie's son, she can marry mine :)

Mark and Meghan said...

happy birthday caitlin! wish we lived closer so that you could start babysitting for us!! how awesome would that be??! i love you.

i can't believe that she is in young womens!

Elizabeth Judd said...

I agree with everything Heather! She really is amazing, and I really hope that all three of my girls and grow up to be exactly like her! I love you Caitlin and hope you had a great birthday!!

KelleyAnne said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin! 12 is such an exciting milestone. I know she'll love YW. What a beautiful girl inside and out♥ Speaking of beautiful ...I loved Annemarie's matchmaking idea, if that doesn't work out... how about Scott. He turns 15 in June.
When she goes to BYU he'll be getting back from his mission, how perfect is that! Our moms would love it we became family. You never know!

Melissa-Mc said...

Welcome to the world of Beehives. It is so much fun. She is lucky and very blessed to look like her mother :)

Anonymous said...

what a SWEET tribute to your daughter... and she IS lucky that she looks just like you!!!

and ummm... about those brownies... think they could make it to Tennessee somehow? :)

Rach said...

She is so great! Even if her mother is a little crazy. nice brownies. hey! I am making cinnamon rolls tomorrow!

The Trainas said...

When can she babysit for us?