Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Baby Jane and famly!!!!

After church we went up to meet the cutest ever new addition to the Bentley family - our little niece Jane! She was so tiny and I loved holding her! It seriously made me want another one...up until Taryn reminded me of trying to nurse her and milk going everywhere....that just shook me back to reality!
But, it was so good to be with family and see the kids having fun with their cousins! We wish that everyone lived closer!

Caitlin and little Livvy

Caitlin and her cousin Riley

The new mommy (for the fourth time) and me

Bailey, grace and Baby Jane

Most of the group at Taryn and Jarrods

We also had to make a quick visit to my little sister Elizabeth's "haunted house" (Liz - you make me proud) and their kiddies.
The twinners (Grace and Olivia) with Caitlin and Maddie

Lizzy and Me

The Boyz
They were super psyched to get a picture together!


Anonymous said...

great pictures!!! I love the last one {of the boys} ! haa ha!

Mark and Meghan said...

first i love the new design...what would we do without lilly? and second i didn't even know that tayrn was pregnant...but that's awesome..i love the name jane!

and where are the pics of lilly's haunted house? i'm jealous you were up there@

Rachel said...

Taryn looks a little too good to be have just had a baby, I have tried to spy on them to see what they are up too but they are private dang it, I hate that. Good to see that they seem well. Looks like you are really getting around a lot more hallelujah.

Elizabeth Judd said...

I want to see her baby, i'm sure she's soo adorable! Thanks for stopping by, we had so much fun with you guys! LOVEyoU!

Annemarie said...

I love the picture of the two guys. You can just tell they were TOTALLY into it!!

tammy said...

Love the pics! Cute, cute girls. And you can just tell how excited those boys were.

Britney said...

your family is adorable. You are such an amazing blogger. Every time I want to make a comment on a post, I come back and it looks like a whole new blog. And you are so sweet with your comments too. Thanks so much. It's fun watching your family, even if we aren't there to see them.