Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why must they grow?

"oH the JoY to OwN a LittLe BoY!!"
Parker turned 7 today and I just don't understand where the time goes...He is the baby and so it makes me sad to think those sweet little years are soon behind me!

This boy is quite the ham!

 His version of Cross Eyes!

We love you little Man!
He was so excited to think that he will never be 6 again - I wasn't so excited!


Lisa said...

He is so cute! I agree "Why must they grow?" One of my boys turned 28 today and I smiled thinking about the day he was born. Now he's a Daddy to three little girls :) The time just flies by!!

tammy said...

I really hate that they grow up so fast! I miss my little boys. He is such a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Parker, we love you!! Love the pictures!

Hazen5 said...

Seven!! Really? What a cutie, your baby is going to be bigger than you soon!